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Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, there are specific forms for you to elect coverage with another carrier. We will send you the form once you have bound coverage with us.
Our policy covers your agency for any line of business you are licensed to write with any admitted or state-approved, non-admitted carrier. All of your carriers will accept it.
Our rates depend on your agency size and operations. To get a quick quote, click here.
In our opinion, the coverage offered in our plan is significantly better because it does not contain the category one exclusion. Learn more here .
Yes, you are able to opt-out of your sponsored E&O plan anytime throughout the year without penalty.
Yes, we have a payment plan. You pay two months of premium plus taxes and fees in month one and then make ten equal payments months two through eleven.
Order your loss history by calling Calsurance at 866-893-1023. Then complete the application by going here.